"Brett Copeland's energy, vocal execution and stage presence...is everything you'd expect to see out of the frontman of a rock band, but without the pretension" Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles,

Brett  Copeland is the epitome of an authentic rock and roll artist."  BuzzMusic

"A high energy, powerful and authentic singer with staggering stage presence, outstanding vocal range and anthemic songwriting skills" 


"Brett Copeland is a superb artist whose talents are fully on show..." FV Music Blog   

As a former singer in the church choir, English literature major, self-taught musician,  and consummate problem child, Brett Copeland has overcome the deepest, darkest recesses of human nature and is here to sing about it. 


After gravitating toward recklessness and perpetual trouble, hitchhiking for years without a home across America with his journal and guitar,  Brett ultimately gathered his few belongings and moved back to Southern California.  Rather than continue the life of an outlaw, Brett took his talents and replaced old habits with mastering his craft and “putting in the work”.


Soon after, Brett found himself working with some of the biggest producers in the world,  including the likes of Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, The Cars), Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction, The Rolling Stones) and Val Garay (Dolly Parton, Elton John). 

 After writing and recording with multiple bands in Los Angeles, Brett has taken his singing, songwriting and multi-instrumental skills to another level, and has finally embarked on his own solo career.


 Brett has recently finished co-producing his debut EP with producer Chad Shlosser at Matt Sorum’s Drac Studios in Los Angeles, California. Bound by the motto “Only The Best” – Brett hand picked his close friends, members of Grandson, Palaye Royale and Dead Posey to help record his vibrant, mystic and contagious new songs which are scheduled for release spring 2020.