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Brett Copeland is a Los Angeles-based world-class singer, songwriter, and entertainer, renowned for his explosive vocals, electrifying stage presence, and anthemic compositions. He has shared the stage and collaborated with numerous musical icons including members of Guns N’ Roses, INXS, Chris Cornell, Grandson, Palaye Royale, The Cult, and more. In addition, Brett has worked with various Grammy-winning super-producers renowned for their work with The Rolling Stones, Queen, Jane's Addiction, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Alice In Chains. With over 50 commercials, television appearances, and starring roles in international musicals, there is no limit to his versatility. Currently, in addition to releasing three new singles this fall, Brett is also part of the exciting new band "Lez Electric," with Lez Warner, the original drummer from the multi-platinum album The Cult.    


“Brett Copeland’s energy, vocal execution, and stage presence…is everything you’d expect to see out of the frontman of a rock band, but without the pretension” – Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles


“A world-class singer and entertainer” – Music Existence

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